Products We Offer

Prestige Disability for Highly Compensated Individuals

Prestige Disability provides coverage to supplement an executive's in-force disability insurance. While most plans pay monthly benefits to age 65, once you are disabled for a period longer than 60 months, an Accelerated Benefit will pay the remaining monthly benefits to age 65. Stake & Assiociates underwrites policies with as little as a short form application.



  • Pure 'Own-Occupation' Definitions

  • 30, 60, 90, 180, 365 day waiting periods

  • Total and Partial Disabilities are included

  • Bonus Income included in total income calculation

  • Lump Sum Benefits payable up to 10X Annual Income

  • Coverage available up to age 65

Life Insurance with Long Term Care Rider

The Long-Term Care (LTC) rider is designed to help clients concerned with protecting themselves and their families from the high costs of long-term care. When combined with a John Hancock permanent life insurance policy, the optional LTC rider allows policy owners to accelerate their death benefit to help pay for long-term care expenses, should that need ever arise. Any portion of the death benefit not used to cover these expenses remains in the policy and is later paid as a life insurance benefit.


A permanent life insurance policy with the LTC rider provides a single solution to help meet critical needs clients often face:

  • Immediate funds in case of death

  • Monthly access, if needed, to a portion of the policy's death benefit to help pay long-term care expenses

  • Unique informationl services


The LTC rider is convenient, flexible, and has value. Convenience: One underwriting process, one life insurance policy, and one afforable premium. Flexibility: All, some, or none of the life insurance benefit can be used for long-term care needs. Value: Less expensive than purchasing separate permanent life and long-term care insurance.

Protection for Professional and Collegiate Athletes

Athletes make their living putting their bodies on the line each time they slip on the uniform. Whether a contact-related injury as a running back, or a repetitive motion injury as a major leage pitcher, athletes need to protect their salaries and their personal assets. Fortunately we offer a variety of insurance products to meet their needs. We offer disability plans for professional and collegiate coaches and athletes. Our policies include loss of future earnings, loss of value, contract completion, cost of agent and managers, and draft protection for collegiate athletes. We provide services for the NCAA and all professional sports organizations.